Perfect Unity was found by István Nátrán and Tomi Paksa, in the beginning of 2007. Both of them have already played in several bands before, from acoustic chamber orchestra through punk and hard rock till death metal but also felt like standing in need of something else. Accordingly, they decided to start off a heavy metal combo, in which both of them can put that they couldn't use in neither of their other bands. This resulted a non-typical piece of metal music (or at least they hope so), where experiences gathered in former bands are combined with parts of progressive edge.

November, 2007Right after officially launching the band, they started to compose songs. This issued in writing 7 tracks in about half a year but problems occured only after that: they had to realize how difficult is to find the right members for the project. First they searched for a drummer. Iván Göncz joined them but unfortunately he couldn't undertake it for a longer period, so Tomi (who has written the guitar riffs) though it'd be much easier to find a guitarist, thus he sat behind the drums.

On the bass guitar Ádám Gyulai joined them, who has already known Tomi from several other Zalaegerszeg-based bands, such as Vortex or Nand.

Finding the right singer is definitely the most crucial point in every band's life. After a long search, when they almost gave it up, in June they have finally found Liza Farkas. She has, contrary to her young age, greatly participated in creating an original sound with her unique voice and ingenious ideas.

April, 2008The Passage To The Wasteland EP of the band introducing himself was finally ready in November, 2007. This month was busy for the band, because they hit upon the other guitarist, Morvai Gábor at this time.

Early 2008 we announced the addition of two new members – Dániel Ravadics (keyboards) in January and Sára Frimmel (vocals) in April – to the band's ranks.

April, 2008