Passage To The Wasteland

by Gábor Miklós

Maiden years for Mother Gaia went away so fast
All the things under the sun were not built to last
Before mankind learnt to walk this planet meant home

Deadly sickness in the core is poisoning all life
All lifeforms on planet Earth are suffering our kind
Not far is the time when the living shall be gone

Not pollution
Or intervention
But our nature
Is our destroyer

For our race, the human nations
The inner self orders self-destruction
Obeying the code locked in our genes
Extinguishing brothers by any means

Into darkness
Raging madness
Marching forward
There's no way out

Animals kill for sustainmant
Mankind kills for entertainment
Passion heats us to destroy our lives
Our children shall see no sunrise

When we are dead and gone, peace, love will be won
Forgotten our race, removed from surface
Mankind extincted new sun shall shine again

Endless wars, eternal hatred, deepening decay
From sings we never learn, we lead ourselves astray
Soon our blue planet will be turned to grey

Mother Gaia weeps in silence, covering her face
For the monsters she created, the human race
In our wars we waging her body is the prey