by Csaba Kámán

My mind is awaken, risen from beyond
emerging from it's casket buried inside
failed to follow human social orders
staring to the sky, where twilight used to hide

I used to live between dream and reality
My hunger for emotions trapped in a tear
I would like to bow to the inevitable
and break through these walls of fear

I tried to change, so hard I tried, but I couldn't fight fatality

A rule to breath, a rule to laugh, everything's controlled
unspoken orders reveal the light
of a ray of the Sun, haunting my soul
I'm lost in the maze of the darkest night

I'm lying in a daze, I bowed to my nightmare
without instincts and desires I'm breathing thin air

There are less and less clear thoughts in my mind
when emptiness prevails, I'll leave this fading world behind

I won't change, I'd rather die
before my world is turned into a lie